The Design Division
The Design Division was born out of the simple belief that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts: when complementary design-led skill sets are combined, products and concepts can come to life in ways that would allude a single operator.

Shane Talbot, Kieran Choy and Nicholas Kelly make up The Design Division, a collection of young and talented designers, each of whom are established in their own individual fields and careers, and who come together to create custom design solutions for our clients (and ourselves).

The Design Division craft bespoke, forward thinking and unique concepts, and we focus on bringing ideas to life - we specialise in industrial design, photography and custom furniture builds.

We are constantly working on new products, and often discuss concepts and ideas on our blog, so stay connected with us. We want to stay connected with you.

Our complete portfolio is viewable at, and you can contact us anytime at

Recent projects:
Skol Cups | Boneless (Chair|Table) | Kursaal Table | Cosmic Candles

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Anonymous asked:
I see you guys are using 0.6mm veneer, that is really expensive. Why not use something like 1.5mm pine veneer (that they use to make plywood) and then use that in your bending. I have tried it at home works a treat. Sure some of the tighter bends needs a little steaming but far cheaper than using A grade finishing veneer for the core.

It sure is!

The new Boneless stuff stuff that we’re making is 1mm core, as that was the thickest we could actually track down - but we did have to adjust some of the bends a little.

We tried doing it in 3mm (i think? maybe 5mm) bendyply, but it couldnt take the radii that we wanted, even with kerfing.

How did you steam them? We tried it (wet rag and ironing, as well as putting it above actual steam) but all we got was warped veneer - that we could never get unwarped again.

So if you have tips, we’d love to hear it.

  1. andymurraydesign said: Try 1.5mm birch aeroply. I use that ok my furniture. Gets tight radii in a vacuum press.
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